Scissor Lift With Integreated Pop-Up Ball Transfer Table

Ergonomic Filling Work Station

Our Scissor Lift with Integrated Pop-Up Ball Transfer Table was designed for distribution center applications. The scissor lift has a pop-up ball transfer built into the tabletop which is hand or foot actuated, allowing the ball transfers to be utilized when needed. Workers can fill the boxes while the balls are in the down position, and then can raise the balls to slide the box to the next station or onto a conveyor line. Capable of handling loads ranging up to 4,000 pounds, the work station can include a variety of travel distances, platform sizes, and portability options. The Scissor Lift with Integrated Pop-Up Ball Transfer Table has a reliable heavy-duty construction to handle industrial applications in either hydraulic or pneumatic lift options.


      • Travel distance ranging to 48”
      • Hand tool removable bushings
      • Multiple power unit options to meet your speed and voltage requirements (starting at ½ HP)
      • Multiple control options including Hand Pendant or Foot Pedal (PLC integration capable)
      • Heavy duty locking swivel casters on a reinforced base with outboard options
      • Tape Switch® or Beveled Toe Guard options available
      • Accordion skirting
      • Custom paint and powder-coating options
      • Velocity fuses available
      • Central lubrication port system available

Models include:

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